Instruction 1S PRO


Hair removal machine 1S PRO

Intended use: This product is intended to be used as a source of luminous flux of a specific length to affect hair follicles.


Indications: The 1S PRO device is designed to remove hair and prevent their subsequent growth. It is suitable for all 6 skin phototypes.

Buyers can order additional applicators, glasses, hoses with funnels, and branded cleaning fluid from the manufacturer.


Attention! Prior to using the device, please read this User Manual carefully. If you have any questions or experience any problems with the device, please contact our Innovatione Customer Service Department by phone

+7 926 975 61 11.

If you have any questions or experience problems with the hair removal procedure, please contact our Medical Department by phone +7 926 547 03 33.


Body of machine: 1 pcs
Operator glasses: 1 pcs

Customer glasses: 2 pcs

Power cord: 1 pcs

Valves for draining water: 2 pcs

Funnel: 1 pcs


Technical specifications

2000 W

1 500 000 impulses

4 pcs

574/447/490 mm

220 V

Cooling Pro


700 nm - 1300 nm

21 kg

7 years

2 years




Power consumption

Emitter resource

Safety sensors

Package dimensions

Power supply



The length of waves of light

Weight with package

Length of use




Customs Commodity Code EEU

First use

  1. After unpacking the system, check the device and all available accessories for damage or defects, for example, device plastic body cracks which may expose electrical components. Contact Innovatione Technical Service or your supplier to report any damaged component.
  2. Prepare 3 liters of distilled water.
  3. Unscrew the two covers marked with numbers 1 and 2.
  4. Insert the funnel hose into hole 1.
  5. Pour water into the funnel until it flows out of hole 2.
  6. Screw the covers back on.
  7. The water needs to be changed every month.
  8. To drain the water, you will have to unscrew the two covers marked with the numbers 2 and 3. Before that, place a suitable 3-liter container under the holes.
  9. When the device was stored for a long time, it is strongly recommended to replace the water in it before use.
  10. It is strictly prohibited to transport the device with water in the cooling system.
  11. Plug the power cord into the mains outlet and hold its other end in your hand. Insert the supplied mains tester screwdriver into hole L. If the screwdriver diode is lit, the power cord is connected correctly. Otherwise, reverse the power plug in the mains outlet.
  12. Plug the power cord into the device power socket.

Turning on and off

  1. Make sure the device is connected to the mains.
  2. Press the on/off button and the cooling system fans start working.
  3. Press and hold down the applicator activation/deactivation button until you hear a beep sound and the power mode indicator on the applicator lights up.
  4. Power mode 1 is selected by default.
  5. The device power control is carried out using the power mode selector.
  6. When pressing the power mode selector, you can select the luminous flux mode from 1 to 4.
  7. The device is ready to use. Do not direct the applicator glass into the eyes. When the release button is pressed once, three light impulses emanate from the glass on the applicator.
  8. To turn off the device, first, deactivate the applicator by holding the activation/deactivating button on it until you hear a beep sound. After that, press the device on/off button. The fans and the cooling system will turn off.

glass handle

trigger button

pulse counter

power select button





Hair removal procedure

1. Before the procedure, please let the customer read the Informed Consent Document.

2. Position the customer comfortably on the couch.

3. Put on gloves (latex, vinyl, or nitrile), a mask, and a cap.

4. Disinfect the protective glasses supplied in the package.

5. Put on protective glasses and get the customer to wear protective glasses as well.

6. Disinfect the device applicator, using an antiseptic agent.

7. Prepare the body area intended for the hair removal procedure: if the hair length exceeds 1 to 2 mm shave the area with a trimmer, but not with a razor;

8. Turn on the machine and activate the applicator;

9. Release the first pulse sidewise, avoiding eye contact;

10. Start the procedure with power mode 1;

11. The laser working spot should be firmly against the skin during the procedure;

12. Press the release button once to generate three pulses;

13. Position the laser working spot to evenly treat the area intended for hair removal;

14. Handle the applicator, moving it a little to the previously treated area;

15. It is not recommended to treat the same area more than once.

Hair removal procedure recommendations

  1. The recommended treatment course is 6 to 10 sessions.
  2. It is prohibited for the patient to use any type of peeling and scrubs for 3 days before and 3 days after the hair removal procedure.
  3. Exclude exposure to direct sunlight and/or solarium light a week before and after the hair removal procedure.
  4. Exclude hair removal and depilation in the light wave application skin areas a month before the procedure.
  5. It is recommended to shave the area to be epilated one day before the session.
  6. Practical skills are perfected in the Innovatione training center. You can sign up for the courses using the website.
  7. The luminous flux from the device affects melanin. Consequently, it is more efficient when applied to dark hair.
  8. It is prohibited to use the device without operators’ prior training in the Innovatione training center.
  9. Refrain from visiting baths, pools, saunas, or hot baths a day before and a day after the hair removal procedure.
  10. The treatment course does not guarantee the complete removal of unwanted hair.

Device cleaning and maintenance

  1. Before cleaning, make sure the power cord is disconnected from the mains.
  2. Wipe the device body with a clean, damp cloth at least once a month.
  3. When needed, clean the device ventilation openings, including those located on the lower part of the device to prevent overheating.
  4. The applicator needs replacing when 1,500,000 pulses are reached.
  5. The applicator must be disinfected with an antiseptic agent before and after each procedure.
  6. Replace the distilled water in the cooling system once a month. See the “First Use” section to learn more about the replacement procedure.
  7. Once in three months, pour in a proprietary cleaning liquid for 10 days instead of distilled water.
  8. Repairs, performed by unauthorized personnel will void the warranty.
  9. In the full range of issues, contact your authorized supplier or Innovatione Service Department.

Safety measures

The 1S PRO hair removal machine safety is ensured when designed and manufactured in compliance with safety requirements specified in:

  1. Directive 2014/35/EU “Low Voltage Equipment”.
  2. Directive 2014/30/EC “Electromagnetic Compatibility”.
  3. The Customs Union Technical Regulations TP TC 004/2011 “On low- voltage equipment safety”.
  4. The Customs Union Technical Regulations TP TC 020/2011 “Technical equipment electromagnetic compatibility”.
  5. GOST “Occupational safety standards system. Electrical products. General safety requirements.”
  6. GOST 30805.14.1-2013 “Technical equipment electromagnetic compatibility. Household appliances, electrical tools, and similar devices. Industrial RF interference. Measurement regulations and methods.”
  7. GOST 30805.14.2-2013 “Technical equipment electromagnetic compatibility. Household appliances, electrical tools, and similar devices. EMI resistance. Testing requirements and methods.”

Transportation and storage

  1. The packaged device is transported by any type of enclosed transport, including air transport, in heated sealed compartments in compliance with shipping rules applicable to each transport type.
  2. Devices transportation in containers is allowed.
  3. During handling and transportation, the packaged device should not be subjected to sharp shocks or exposed to precipitation.
  4. When loaded for transportation, the packaged device should be arranged the way which excludes its movement in the compartment during transportation.
  5. Transportation conditions must comply with storage conditions according to GOST 15150-69.
  6. Storage conditions must comply with GOST 23216-78 and GOST 15150- 69. Store the device in its package in a dry, heated, and ventilated room with air temperature from 10 to 55° C at a relative humidity of not more than 95%. The ambient air should not contain aggressive impurities.
  7. When storing the device, it is necessary to ensure its inaccessibility to children and animals.

Resources, terms of service, and manufacturer’s warranty

  1. The applicator (emitter) resource is 1,500,000 pulses. After 1,500,000 pulses are reached, contact the company’s managers to purchase a new applicator.
  2. The device service life is 7 years. The device can be stored in a dry heated room for up to 1 year, provided that it is stored in factory preservation condition.
  3. The manufacturer provides a 24-month warranty servicing from the date of sale, subject to the consumer’s compliance with instructions stipulated in this User Manual.
  4. If any manufacturing defects are revealed, the consumer should contact their authorized supplier or Innovatione Service Department.
  5. Malfunctions revealed in the device by the consumer during the warranty period are eliminated for free by the manufacturer or its authorized representative.
  6. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any device malfunctions during the warranty period if they are caused by:
  • the consumer non-compliance with instructions stipulated in this User Manual;
  • the device careless storage and transportation by both the consumer and the trading company;
  • unauthorized device disassembly.


  1. Use this system strictly for its intended purpose as described in this User Manual. Follow your doctor’s advice. Any other use of this device is inappropriate and can be dangerous. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage incurred due to device improper or unreasonable use or if it was connected to the electricity mains incompatible with safety requirements.
  2. It is recommended to use the device with a quality 2,000 W mains voltage stabilizer.
  3. Prior to plugging the product into the mains outlet, make sure that the mains voltage and frequency comply with the electrical specifications shown on the specification plate on the back of the product.
  4. The device must be used in a room temperature of 10 to 28o C.
  5. If the device was exposed to conditions other than the acceptable operating conditions, please wait until it restores its normal condition before using it.
  6. In case of the ingress of any extraneous liquids into the device, it must be allowed to dry before use.
  7. 7. Do not use tap or purified water or other liquids not recommended by the developer for the device system cooling.
  8. Use the device in a clean environment free of dirt, dust, animal hair, etc.
  9. The device should not be used near flammable substances or flammable anesthetic mixtures with air, oxygen or premixed nitrous oxide.
  10. It is forbidden to make any changes to the device design.
  11. The device may heat up when used.
  12. Do not place the device on top of any other equipment or under it. Do not open the applicator body as it is not intended to be serviced.
  13. Proper operation of this device may be impaired if you fail to follow these User Manual instructions and/or do not use original spare parts.
  14. Do not place the device on furniture and/or materials able to accumulate static electricity.
  15. While working with the device, the operator and the customer are advised to avoid using things accumulating static electricity.
  16. This device should be used intermittently in “1,000 pulses/10 min break” mode. If used improperly, the device may be seriously damaged.
  17. Do not place the device in water, as it is not water resistant.
  18. Do not touch the device with wet hands.
  19. Do not leave the device outdoors.
  20. Place the device on a stable, horizontal surface at a distance of at least 4 cm from the walls.
  21. Make sure that the air inlets in the device body are not clogged.
  22. Do not allow disabled people or children to use the device.
  23. Do not turn off the device by simply disconnecting its power cord from the mains.
  24. Do not use the device if it is damaged or its body has cracks.
  25. It is recommended to have a spare applicator in case you cannot use the applicator supplied (for example, when it was sent for replacement).
  26. Do not use adapters (standard or with multiple connectors) or extension cords.
  27. Do not leave the idle device permanently connected to the mains. Disconnect the device from the mains outlet if do not intend to use it for a long time.
  28. Follow the instructions when connecting the device parts. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage caused by improper connections.
  29. Use the power cord supplied. The user is not allowed to replace the power cord. In case the power cord is damaged, please contact Innovatione Service Department by phone +7 926 975 61 11 to replace the cord (the cord cannot be repaired).
  30. Prior to any cleaning procedure or replacing the applicator, turn off the device and disconnect it from the mains.
  31. Clogged air inlets in the device body or applicator, dirty glass or improper connections of the device parts may cause the device malfunction or damage which is not a warranty case.
  32. Do not expose the device to shocks and drops.
  33. It is forbidden to open the device body, disassemble it, or repair it yourself, or entrust the repairs to unqualified personnel without specific authority for this activity type.
  34. Do not apply excessive force to the device control buttons and its structural elements when using it.
  35. It is forbidden to expose the device to fire, moisture, or corrosive liquids (alcohol, acids, alkalis, organic liquid substances, etc.).
  36. Do not direct the applicator glass into the eyes. During the procedure, make sure to use the protective glasses included in the package. It is forbidden to use the device without protective glasses.
  37. Keep this User Manual for future reference.


  1. Epilepsy.
  2. Pregnancy.
  3. Lactation.
  4. Hyperthermia.
  5. Photodermatosis.
  6. Oncology diseases.
  7. Varicose veins.
  8. Diseases, the progression of which may be affected by light waves.
  9. Somatic diseases in the acute stage.
  10. Weakened immune system.
  11. Blood-clotting disorder or the use of drugs reducing blood clotting (anticoagulants).
  12. Acute infectious diseases.
  13. Damaged skin on the application area.
  14. The herpes virus in the acute stage.
  15. Metal implants in the application area.
  16. Neoplasms on the skin, malignant tumors.
  17. Cochlear implants and/or pacemaker use.
  18. Photosensitizing drugs use.
  19. Diabetes mellitus in the decompensation stage.
  20. Acute exacerbation of chronic diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus, porphyria, eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus, ichthyosis, atopic dermatitis, lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, bullous dermatosis, collagenosis, vasculitis, and dyschromia).
  21. Ischemic heart disease and hypertension.
  22. In case of Botulinum toxin type A injections (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Relatox), as well as various hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers and biorevitalizants injections, laser hair removal procedures can be carried out in the injection areas no sooner than in 2 months after the injections were administered.

Material information

The device body and applicators: ABS plastic.

Sealed glasses: polyurethane.

Hose: rubber.

Laser working spot: glass.

Handpiece and funnel: aluminum.


When the device is tested, stored, transported, operated and disposed of, it does not exert chemical, thermal, radiation, electromagnetic, or biological effects on the environment and does not require the use of environmental protection agents from the effects specified. In case the device has worn out and become unrepairable, contact a specialized service company to dispose of it.

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